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Grow in Faith

Growing in our faith is essential to being disciples of Jesus. We are called to be continuous learners of God’s Word. Responding to Jesus’ love and grace, we are sent out into this world with that same love and grace. There are a variety of opportunities for God’s children of all ages to engage in that calling of Word and service.

Check out the various opportunities depending on your needs and the ages of people in your household. For more information on any of these ministry opportunities, contact the Pastor or the Faith Formation Team.


Young children and their families are an important part of the Church. They learn to become followers of Jesus through interaction with supportive and caring youth and adults, through worship and music, through age-appropriate games, crafts and Bible stories. Families grow in faith together.

Kindergarten – 6th Grade

Children of all ages are disciples of Jesus. They are part of the community of believers. Their gifts and talents are given by the Holy Spirit to share Jesus’ love and grace with the world. There are a variety of opportunities throughout the year for children and their families to grow in their relationship to Jesus and to the community of believers.

7th-9th Grade

The journey of faith is only beginning for middle school and high school students. In a supportive mentoring relationship with adults in the congregation, youth explore and discover what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. Their learning, serving and growing goes beyond the Stratford area as they are sent out into this world.

10th-12th Grade

High school students are considered full adult members of the congregation. Yet, we recognize that they are growing and learning. There are a variety of opportunities in the church, community, nation and world for them to explore and discover who God created them to be.

Young Adults

Young Adults are continually in a stage of transition and transformation. The Church is here to support them in this stage of their lives. Experiences of service and learning across the world are foundational to their faith growth and their relationship to Jesus and a diversity of people across the world.


Zion Lutheran Stratford believes that learning, exploring and being curious are parts of growing our faith in Jesus. There are a variety of opportunities depending on your interest, needs, passions and available time.