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Put your faith into action. Live out the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Serve in Jesus’ love. Opening doors, opening hearts with our open hands in Stratford, in Wisconsin, across the nation and world.


Zion serves a traditional German meal of sauerkraut, pork hocks, potato dumplings and homemade applesauce. All proceeds from this dinner go to Zion’s Crisis Fund. The Crisis Fund was established in 1988 to help those who experience crisis in their lives. Through this fund Zion has an opportunity to be a helping hand in our community.

Stratford Area Food Pantry

Zion supports the Stratford Area Food Pantry with food and financial donations as well as volunteers.

Medical Missionaries

Zion supports Steven and Bethany Friberg, medical missionaries in MtoWa Mbu, Tanzania. Dr. Friberg oversees Rural Health Care option and provides regional medical care to many of the Maasai and Waarusha tribes, caring for many outpatients each year.

Companion Congregation in Malawi

Zion Lutheran Church has a companion relationship with a parish in Mpenda, Malawi. As companions, we correspond with, pray for, and learn from each other. We are in the process of funding the building of a church building, parsonage and providing a motorcycle for the pastor. We have also frequently supported feeding stations for children. Malawi is in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Crossways Bible Camp and Outdoor Ministries

Bible camps and outdoor ministry opportunities provide children, youth and adults with unique experiences to be in relationship to Jesus and other people. Zion supports Crossways Bible Camp and the Bible camps in the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin.

Youth are encouraged to attend a Bible camp or to have an outdoor ministry experience during their middle school and high school years. Young Adults are encouraged to experience outdoor ministry by serving as a staff member for a season.