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Call Committee Update

Using the data from the Congregation Assessment Tool (CAT survey), Zion’s Transition Team completed the Ministry Site Profile (MSP) in anticipation of seminary graduates and experienced pastors seeking a new call.  The MSP is an extensive document that describes our congregation and community, our mission and ministry, our hopes and our hurdles.  
The Synod staff reviewed and Zion’s Church Council approved the MSP on Sunday, May 1, 2022. The Call Committee will take over in selecting candidates to interview.  This should take place over the summer months.
Other tasks being coordinated during this transition period are:
Weekly sharing of the results and insights from the Congregational Assessment Tool (CAT).  These reports are distributed each Sunday and are also available on the table in the east entrance by the offices and below on this website page.   

The website is being updated and brought in-house for internal control and easier editing.

Zion’s policies and procedures are being reviewed.  This includes areas such as personnel, safe children, buildings and property, finances including investments and endowments, website and technology, stewardship, building use, weddings, funerals, and others.  
We are grateful to the Transition Team for their efforts these past months: Rhonda Thompson, Cory Wiesman, Kristi Ormond, June Krueger and Tim Schoenherr, and for Pastor Andrea’s guidance!   Please continue to pray for the congregation, the Transition Team, Call Committee, and Church Council as we move through the process of inviting a new pastor to lead us.  

Call Committee Members will be installed and commissioned during worship on Sunday, June 5, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. Call Committee Members are Kevin Miller (chair), Tadd Schoenherr (co-chair), Cory Wiesman (Council representative), Charles Foley, Mary Wussow, and Paul Untiet.

CAT Results

CAT Results 1: Demographics
CAT Results 2: Theological Perspective
CAT Results 3: Transition Profile
CAT Results 4: Worship and Music
CAT Results 5: Financial Information
CAT Results 6: Improving Satisfaction
CAT Results 7: Priorities
CAT Results 8: Hospitality
CAT Results 9: Readiness for Ministry
CAT Results 10: Spiritual Vitality
CAT Results 11: Educational Engagement
CAT Results 12: Summing it all up

Ministry Site Profile

The Ministry Site Profile (hard copy only) is available to Zion members by contacting the church office. Prospective pastors will need to contact the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin for more information.