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All Saints Sunday

All Saints Day celebration has a long history in the worship life of the Christian Church. It began as a commemoration of the martyrs who had died for the faith, and it has since become a day when we honor and remember those who, in death, have joined the Church Triumphant, as well as the faithful saints of the present who serve Jesus Christ. Martin Luther held that all Christians are simultaneously sinner and saint, sinner because of our rebellious nature, but a saint because of salvation in Jesus.

On Sunday, November 5th, we will be reading the names and lighting candles for each name we receive. We will remember those in our congregation who died during the past year and those whose names are submitted by the congregation. Names can be submitted by contacting the church office at 715-687-4110 or at [email protected].


Nov 05 2023


9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

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