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Worship Questions

All people have questions about worship. Often, participating in worship is like traveling to another country. We need tour guides and interpreters. Here are some questions you might be asking. If you have a question that is not listed below, feel free to ask. The pastor, staff, church leadership and people of Zion are here to support you in your faith journey and in your relationship to Jesus.

What if I’m not Lutheran?
You are welcome at Zion regardless of your background. You will find that our worship service most closely resembles that of the Roman Catholic and Episcopal churches, but are accessible to anyone. We practice “open communion” so that any baptized Christian is welcome to receive the Lord’s Supper.

Do I have to dress up?
At Zion you will find people dressed casually (including jeans and sweatshirts) and you will find people dressed in business attire. Feel free to dress as you wish.

I have small children. Is there something for them?
We offer a number of opportunities for young children during worship. “Children’s Bags” are available in the back of the sanctuary to keep hands and minds occupied during the worship, and we offer a children’s message to bring the theme of the day to our younger members. The giggles, wiggles, play and frustrations of children are welcome and valued in worship. Children learn and feel supported when they are included in worship.

Can I participate in the Communion Service?
We practice open communion at Zion. If you have been baptized in the Christian faith in any denomination, you are welcome to participate. First communion classes are offered periodically for those who feel their child is ready. Younger children are welcome to come to the table for a blessing. If you have not begun a faith walk with Christ through baptism, we would love to offer you that opportunity.

Do I have to put something in the offering plate?
As you visit Zion please don’t feel obligated to give. We will not pressure you. Our members see the offering as one way of expressing faith and gratitude to God, and give willingly as they are able.

What if I’m not sure I believe in God?
Everyone has questions. If you are just beginning a spiritual search, you are welcome to come, ask questions, challenge answers and participate in our community as we all seek to know Jesus.