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Leaving a Legacy

In life and in death, we can leave a legacy that is beyond ourselves. Our generosity can fuel the mission and ministry of Jesus for generations. Supporting Zion’s Trust Fund with your financial gifts is an everlasting gift, because the Trust Committee uses only the interest/dividends to support non-budgeted outreach ministry opportunities, while the principal continues to grow.

Trust and Memorials

Zion Lutheran welcomes special gifts, memorials, and bequests to the church and its recognized causes.  Such gifts fulfill mutual needs:  the donor finds a meaningful way to express gratitude, love and remembrance; and the gifts further the growth of the church, its ministries and stewardship opportunities. 

Memorial and special gifts are managed through the Zion Lutheran Trust Fund.   Zion’s Trust Committee is responsible for overseeing special gifts to the church.   You may designate the gift for a specific use by selecting from the current Memorial Gift list or allow the Trust Committee to put your gift where it can best serve Zion’s mission and ministry.  

If you have questions about giving a memorial or honorary gift to Zion, please contact the church office or the pastor for more information.  

See below for the Memorial Gift List and Policy and how to designate your gift.