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For Lutherans, worship stands at the center of our life of faith.
Through God’s word, water, bread, wine and prayer, we are nurtured in faith and sent out into the world.

Connected with and central to everything we do, worship unites us in celebration, engages us in thoughtful dialogue and helps us grow in faith. In worship, we are connected to both Jesus and to others. It grounds us in our Christian and Lutheran roots, while demonstrating practical relevance for today’s world.

Worship is a time of gathering as community to come into the presence of a living, relational God. In worship we seek to be nourished by Word and Sacrament (baptism and Holy Communion). Worship is an ever-changing and growing experience.

Worship shows us that Jesus’ table is expansive and inclusive.

Andrea Fluegel - October 30, 2022

Wisdom and Devotion

Wisdom and Devotion

It's Reformation Sunday! Martin Luther prayed to God that he would be faithful and that he would always feel God's presence. Today, we hear the story of King Solomon. King Solomon prayed also prayed for wisdom and devotion. How are our lives filled with God's wisdom and devotion?

Scripture References: 1 Kings 3:3-14, Matthew 6:5-15


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Our Money Story

Sundays, September 18-October 9, 2022 (4 weeks)

Discover and tell your money stories in light of God’s money story of liberation and love. This series encourages us to transform our stewardship practices into more full expressions of who we are and what we believe. Our Money Story is intentionally direct—it invites us to name exactly what we’re talking about and not skirt around it. Too often, we avoid talking about money with transparency and vulnerability. It’s time we reframe this. Money and possessions are one of the most common topics in scripture, and Jesus talked about money more than faith and prayer. Our money story, therefore, is a spiritual story. A worship series adapted from A Sanctified Art.

The Old Testament: God’s Faithfulness Through The Generations

Sundays, October 16 – November 6, 2022 (4 weeks)

For many of us the Old Testament is difficult to understand and it’s hard to relate to the Biblical characters. In worship we will explore Old Testament stories from Exodus, 2 Samuel and 1 and 2 Kings. We will discover God’s faithfulness among imperfect people throughout the generations and what it means for us today.

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