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Message: “Witnesses of the Faith” from Andrea Fluegel

Andrea Fluegel - May 8, 2022

Witnesses of the Faith

Witnesses of the Faith

In worship, we celebrated six youth who proclaimed their faith in Jesus and affirmed their baptism. While the world is burnt out, exhausted and worn out, they don’t stay in the place that the world wants them to stay. Instead, they pray. They trust in God. And then they step into the world with loving-kindness and service, being servant-leaders. They know that everything in life and in their relationship with Jesus and the Church is not perfect. There are always times of doubt and struggle. There are times when we falter and even for a moment take a path away from God. But it is through prayer, through their Church, and through the Word of God that gives them deep roots. It strengthens them.

Scripture References: Matthew 28:16-20, Mark 10:23-27, Isaiah 35:1-4, Joshua 1:4-9

From Series: "Sunday Worship"


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